100% automation and scheduling.
We take away the technical and administrative headache that comes with
playing music in a public place.

As well as delivering glittering content, we also ensure the sound quality, licensing, and technology supporting our service is second to none.

Regular music updates. Your playlists are regularly refreshed and renewed, ensuring you never sound out of date, or out of touch, or repetitive.

Music that is timetabled and designed specifically for every part of your day, every day of the week. You never need to press play and your sound is always perfectly suited to the moment.

Volume levelled tracks. Our technology incorporates clever volume-levelling software that makes sure your music is not overly intrusive.

Truly randomised playlists. Each playlist is randomised every day so you never sound predictable.

High quality audio files. Each track is formatted at 320kbps to give you a brighter more dynamic sound quality.

All music supplied is fully covered by dubbing licenses. We remove that licensing headache so you can rest assured your music supply is fully licensed and legal.


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